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Hi Im back.

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Feb. 20th, 2008 | 11:12 am


There has been a lot that has happened in the last few months. I feel as if its necessary for me to shed some light on the subject.

As you all pretty much know. Me and my brother had a falling out. Nothing in which was really any of my doing. He has chosen to take this road, for him its spiritual thing, however I see it as a pure misunderstanding and division that has only caused suffering.

Im not sure where his mind is at. However I want to make clear I never abandoned nor left his side. I still deeply care and love my brother beyond what he may think. It saddens me greatly that it had to come to this. If only he had communicated with me directly all those months ago I might have been able to clarify all of this and keep any of this from happening.

He now has decided to wage a silly war against me and Im not sure as to why. You all heard his message and know that his allegations are simply not true. It a sign of a frightened cornered human and he feels desperate and needs to lash out. That is the only explanation for any of this. I do not hold it against him for I know that in time perhaps this shall pass.

I wish him the best but my main concern has always been for the well being of my parents who housed and financially supported Aaron all of these years. In recent times he began to get really aggressive and abusive towards them. It was necessary to remove them from that living situation and I feel that this was not wrong. My parents simply did not want to live there any more and endure the extreme circumstances around what goes on there. 

As for Aaron’s work. I have never claimed it to be my own. I have never claimed to be anything but what I am. I am a Remote Viewer and I spent hours of time and a lot of money to be able to call myself that. That is my own work. This I can make claim to.

What I was shown to be PAN was all that Aaron showed me. He was using that technique all through my work with him. He decided after the falling out that is not PAN and decides to call me fraudulent. I think after all that he has done it is he who is delusional on this point and its really sad. After almost a year of teaching my students became extremely impatient and wanted to know PAN the idea was always to set up a separate class for this and Aaron would teach it, in which he would get paid and could charge what he wanted for his class. However this involved actually doing work and showing up on time and knowing when this occurred. As you know Aaron could never even make it to a show date at the scheduled time. He often would forget or "somebody" would not remind him and he would get very belligerent and go off on the people who lived in the house. Aaron doesn’t like to take responsibility for anything and so has everyone else do his work for him, so that way if anything goes wrong he can blame others.

Im tired of this. I think its time he faces the fact that he is flawed just like the rest of us. He is the same as the rest of us and should take responsibility like the rest of us. We were a legitimate company. I set up and followed through with the exception of the last year in which I plan to make good on.

I had been going through a very painful divorce and then the threat of my Mother calling me in the middle of the night to give me strange cryptic messages. Like your house is about to be raided by police you have to get out, then the phone would go dead. My mother crying and the extreme suffering and ridiculous nature of these phone calls I became really distraught this went on for months.

My parents were not allowed to speak to me for almost a year. And the less I talked to anyone there the more I became concerned. I decided I was going to go move there last July. I gave my two week notice got a job there and was given the Ok to come. Then after I sold everything and was 2 weeks away I get a message again cryptic do not come here if you do you will be shot we mean it.

So Im left in the dark my parents giving me excruciatingly painful messages which all showed me that all was not well. I felt powerless and completely unable to do anything from this far away. I had to find a place to live. Lived in my car because I was leaving my residence and well had to save up and get another place to live. Unfortunately when all this occurred I had started another teaching cycle and as you can imagine I have had to pull myself up by the boot straps and try to salvage what was lost.

Being shut out for that long I don’t know what was going on all I know is from what came out of that from the few messages I did receive nothing seemed real. It all felt like everyone was going mad there. It made no sense. That is my family I have a right to know what’s going on.

Some how Aaron got it in his head I was the enemy.

That simply is just not the case. I supported him even up till it just couldn’t be done. Even now I still am with him. But I cant support what he is doing on the basis that its so destructive. To not be welcome in a home I help to fix and spent a great deal of money on helping them move into as an investment I am not welcome all of a sudden with no explanation Im just shut out. Also the suffering in my mothers voice and the other messages that I would get from them when they would sneak out and go to a local internet café and try to tell me that they were in a dire situation and needed urgent help. I kept getting SOS messages on the side and this only added to my confusion and anxiety.

It came down to them getting an inheritance from my grandfather. My brother wanted that money and to invest it all in one day of stock trading. The fact is Aaron is not 100% accurate with his numbers. The fact is if he was accuarate he would not be living off my parents as long as he did. In Fact they are still paying all the bills and making house payments so he can live comfortably. My parents know how dysfunctional Aaron is and know he is not capable of making money on his own. Out of love they keep paying those bills for him. So he and the other people living there can continue to not work and go on the net and make ridiculous accusations against us.

Seems like if they were spiritual people they would find better things to do with all that time.

This has just gotten out of hand.

Bitter hearts and hatred all a huge waist of time and all it does it create more needless suffering. I have no intention of ever seeking revenge or cause suffering to Aaron he is deeply loved and missed and I only want the best for him. We have had to trudge through a lot to get to a point of forgiveness and unconditional love. But there you have it.

As for me I am ok now and am recovering mentally and spiritually from this experience. I was not myself there for a time and you can see why. This has been very hard on all of us.

I feel the most for the listeners that depended on our message and collective effort to make a better future. We felt we stood for something and that being together made the world more bearable. That was the goal and the idea around all of this. Never was it meant for us to create a religion and house a prophet (who by the way lately his predictions have been way off) and wait for the return of a messiah. The idea was for you to gain spiritual attainment and to do the work on your own. The idea was always for you to save yourself.

I still feel and know that this is the right path.

Now is a time to rise up and be great on your own. The world is getting worse but at the same time there is hope. I see more hope now then ever as the world gets darker. Every single individual who has done the work and that light shines in them is that hope.

So keep on going. Don’t look back and be ready for the next thing to come along that creates an even brighter fire inside you.

Love always,


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Re: Mirrors smoke screens and detractors

from: london_gal_lost
date: Feb. 22nd, 2008 10:39 pm (UTC)

I found it hard to believe that your farther wrote that, I will just assume that he got lost in translation, because out of the sparse conversations I had with your farther he did not strike me as a racist or bigot. However in today's society most people have it stuck in there minds that the idolisation of Hitler and his ideas has bread divisions and bigotry, most cant get past that. There are too many divisions ingrained in us all, we can only be responsible for our own thoughts and actions. I have never seen personally one race as being superior to another, despite my own family being bigots. Its not just a race issue, cultures are wiping each other off the map through ignorance, look at Kenya's civil unrest. I am an amalgamation of many races, genetically we are near enough one race some just cant or wont believe it.

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